Dead Love

Dead love

Beyond Words and Places


This piece talks about the love you have for someone who left you, who died.

You remind me of the memories
      I’m trying to forget.
You bring me to places
      I don’t want to go.
You give me the feeling of a company
      When I’m alone.

You make me hear a song in a silent room.
You make me see a light in the dark.
And you make me love with a broken heart.

Then you left without saying good bye.
You left me hanging, I’ll forever wonder why.
And I then I saw you smiling while everyone is crying.

I didn’t know what to react
Because I’m just a part of your past.
I looked at you and you seem happy.
I said “I love you. Come back to me.” 
But you didn’t respond.

You kept on smiling and 
I walked away.
Because I can’t take…

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