Throughout the day you probably engage in many conversation with others and especially with yourself! A constant stream of self-talk flows from your mind and ultimately settles in your soul. Did you ever pause to reflect on the way in which you converse with yourself? Just as you try to think before you speek to clarify the intentions behind your words, it’s worthwhile to consider what you are saying to yourself too. Words are quite powerful as you know they can empower you or sometimes cause you great distress. The quality of your life rest upon the quality of inner narrative in each moment whether you are concious of it or not, you are talking to yourself. And what do you say? Is your-self talk positive or negative? Do you rehash what was or make peace with previous experience? Do you worry about the future or expect that things will improve? Do you celebrate your growth? Do you express gratitude or do you lament  all that is wrong? Whenever you say “i love that “or “i really like that “or what should i do now?  or i wonder why -you are telling a narrative and having a conversation with yourself. Although self-talk is ongoing and automatic, you do have the ability to choose how you channel it. Your mind will always talk but what it says is up to you and how you decide to filter it. Breaking up with uninspiring habits requires dedication and patience. If you’re used to engaging in negative self-talk, it may take some time to redirect your train of thinking. However it is absolutely possible and you have that capacity to do so. It is the nature of the soul to want to be joyful and exists in light. Human innately strives for mental health. So while positive self-talk may come more naturaly to some its a skill you can develop. Lets start now by becoming more attuned to our thoughts what direction do we want our life to take? How can we elevate our self-talk and self-worth to a more positive level. Even the smallest changes in how we talk to ourselves will enhance our lives. As we create a new pattern of thinking, we will watch our story unfold more beautifully than we could’ve ever imagined.

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