Wayne Rooney’s £82m fortune puts him top of the 2016 Rich List….makes him the richest sportsman aged 30 or under

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England and Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney is the richest young sports star in Britain and he is worth £82m according to the Sunday Times. The 2016 Sunday Times Rich List for young sportsmen in Britain (sportsmen under 30 in Britain) which was published this weekend lists 30 year old Rooney as the richest with a value of £82m.


Rooney earns about £300,000-a-week at United, which makes him the highest-paid player in the Barclays Premier League, as well as endorsements with Nike and Samsung.

Tennis brothers Andy and Jamie Murray are second with a joint worth of £58m, though £57m of it is contributed by world No 2 Andy. Others on the list include Rory McIlroy, Gareth Bale, Falcao and Amir Khan. See the full list after the cut.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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