Ingredients to drive the team effectively

A Thinker's Diary

Keeping everything “In Control” and “Being Boss” is now old school management concept. Now team of intellectuals requires The Leader and not the boss! Furnishing yourself as a Leader is more than managing things well, it requires inter personal skills to manage human resources, to understand personal emotions attached to professional emissions. Here are my observations to drive the project effectively without facing the crunch time with the team:


Getting Support from the Executives :

  • Drafting a Straw Man Proposal :

A “straw man” can be very useful, as long as people know that it has been designed to be pulled apart. When you begin a project or start looking into a problem, you often have incomplete information to work with. Rather than wait while you gather all the facts and data, a “straw man” lets you get going straight away with an incomplete solution, with the intention of finding…

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