Tupac’s late mother Afeni Shakur made sure that his money & music was legally protected

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The mother of hip hop legend,Tupac, Afeni Shakur, who passed away on Monday, ensured that his money and music was legally protected just in case there was any problem when she dies.

According to TMZ, she had already taken some smart steps to guard Tupac’s music and financial legacy before her death. Afeni Shakur had set up a trust to control all of Tupac’s music rights and the paperwork is flawless. She had also named the former head of Warner Bros. records, Tom Whalley, to handle the legend’s valuable catalog. The said Trust is reportedly very specific about heirs.
Afeni ordered that the money should be shared between some selected charities & family members. Her estranged Husband, Gust Davis, who recently took her to court in a bid to get a share of Tupac’s money, a house and more, isn’t mentioned in the trust. Hence, the money is ‘untouchable’ in…

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