The Power Of Broke By Daymond John

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Those looking forward to starting over in January 2016 with renewed vigor in order to get out of your down and out situations and pursuing your dreams will find inspiration and a much-needed push in Daymond John’s (star from Shark Tank) book The Power Of Broke which will be released on January 19, 2016.

The Power Of Broke

Daymond John started out at a place called broke when he started selling his home-sewn t-shirts on the streets of Queens with a $40 budget! His desperate economic situation gave rise to his innovative idea FUBU which has since grown into a $6 billion dollar global phenomenon. Who is to say, perhaps FUBU may not have happened if it wasn’t for his dire situation, which drove him to succeed.

Power Of Broke John shows how we can all leverage the power of broke to phenomenal success. How broke can actually be your greatest competitive advantage because starting a…

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