Alarm, and 4AM. The writer up.  


Eyes still adjusting, not ready for coffee, not yet.  But I’m up.  And not ready for a push-up, or sit-up, still have to wake UP.  Should I stay awake, or go back to sleep?  Why am I even thinking about it?  Today, a day off, well kind of.  Have to start grading papers, using it as material or “content” in wee adjunct story.  Starting to wake, but slowly.  Slowly…..  4AM pushing me out of its territory.  I know where I’m not wanted, and this hour wants me anywhere but here, thriving in the quiet it entails and provides.  4 wants it all to itself.  Part of me just wants to say ‘fine fuck it you can have it’.  But the other side of this writer, the fighter side, orders “Fuck you, it and you are MINE!’  Just one sip of that coffee and I win.  Why does sleep sound so…

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