The Accidental Entrepreneur

Collective Virtuosity

Up until now, I shuddered at the thought of being labeled as an entrepreneur.  The reality is that my friends and colleagues who are entrepreneurs do not embody what I consider to be the “negatives” of entrepreneurship. However, there are many examples in the media and in my everyday encounters which have led me to disassociate myself from the role.

I have been happiest in my many careers when working with others. I loved the feeling of belonging to an established organization, and having interactions with an abundance of teams and individuals who are associated with an organization. These experiences included playing in a string quartet, performing in a symphony orchestra, working in a software development team, working as a consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and working as a leader of more than 800 technology professionals in a Fortune 100 company. There, now you know how many careers I’ve had thus far!

However, in 2007 I…

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